Of course everyone has heard by now about how much COVID-19 has impacted the world and especially the tourism- and travel branches. Naturally everyone is figuring out what the situation is and as the disease spreads more and more countried have implemented new regulations in order to control the situation.

Fortunately do not worry! A large number of hotels is still open and available! Many have had to adjust to the new rules and things may be different than what you may be used to, but the most important is: there is still a large amount of people out there who are doing their best to give you the best possible experience considering the circumstances!

Many hotels have put limits on the number of guests they host at the same time, certain amenities may be closed on only during specific hours for a limited number of people at once.

Here at The Best Hotels we understand best what you are going through as we put your satisfaction as our top priority! We have done our best to make sure any closed hotels will not be shown in the search results and we check for any price adjustments or availibity issues.

We still highly recommend double checking with the hotel once you have found one as regulations change on a daily basis in several areas around the world!

We wish everyone safety and comfort wherever they may be!

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