Lockdowns and travel limitations

Several countries are now implementing lockdowns. Some are extremely strict, like Spain and Italy where the number of infected people is increasing rapidly, while other countries such as the Netherlands and Sweden have remained mostly open. We encourage everyone to only travel when there is real need and if possible to postpone or cancel any … Read more


Corona warnings

Of course everyone has heard by now about how much COVID-19 has impacted the world and especially the tourism- and travel branches. Naturally everyone is figuring out what the situation is and as the disease spreads more and more countried have implemented new regulations in order to control the situation. Fortunately do not worry! A … Read more

New NEWS section

With all the confusion and worries about the new pandemic COVID-19 we have added this news-section in order to keep everyone updated on the new events that may unforld in the coming period. Of course we hope everything will remain the same as much as possible but we feel it is our duty here at … Read more