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The world is getting smaller and smaller. Each different destination, no matter the distance, is available at your fingertips. Finding the best hotel on the other side of the globe is now as easy as ordering a pizza.

Here, the best hotel is also a cheap hotel

Contrary to what many people think, getting a quality hotel room does not have to cost a huge amount. After all, it would be a waste if you have to sacrifice elements from your trip just to be able to sleep in comfort. Our goal is to provide you with the best hotels there are in the nicest locations, and with us, that also means it is a cheap hotel!

Hotel view

Though usually a cheap hotel room is not considered something people want to spend to much time on, it is proven to be one of the most important factors that people consider when rating their vacation.

The comfort of having a “home” while being in a unfamiliar place is paramount to other factors such as weather or events.

After all, no matter how exciting the trip was, it’s only a success when you can comfortably sleep at night.

Ensure yourself of the best hotel experience

Hotels are not just beds. They are your home-base for when you are somewhere on a trip or visit. They provide you with a place to feel safe, and to be able to relax when things are getting too much. You provide you with information and necessities so you don’t need to worry about anything.

And moreover, the good hotel will even provide you with activities or opportunities to enjoy your stay even more.

The best hotels even go as far as giving your a full vacation experience without the necessity to think about anything at all! After all, if you are on a vacation, isn’t clearing your head the goal?

Hotel room

Why is a good hotel so important

To ensure yourself of the worry-free experience, choosing the best hotel is probably the most important decision you’re going to have to make. Forget the activities or sights, once you get to your comfort zone, you have all the time in the world to find out how and what to do.

Most of us are not millionaires unfortunately. However, a great hotel can make you feel like one with ease! Full service for all your needs, all comforts at hand-reach, luxury all around you and no worries about household things such as cleaning.

Finding your luxury hotels

What is important for you when you are looking for a hotel? What do you need to make yourself feel at home in a totally unfamiliar place? It is the room? It is the pool? It is the 24/7 bar?

It is important to know what you need to get that ultimate feeling of relaxation. Just by looking at the star rating or the hotel chain can be an indicator. But you are looking for that final touch. That cherry on top the already amazing looking cake.

Hotel bar

Getting a cheap hotel

Hotel breakfast in bed

Because we are not all millionaires, we cannot afford to have this luxury at all times. And those few moments per year where we can afford to have some, our budget still needs to allow it. Finding a great hotel is easy, but finding one within your budget, now that is the challenge.

Is it though? Here at thebesthotels.net it is most definitely not!

We have done all the work for you. You just need to fill in where you want to go and when, and we’ll make sure you can get the best hotel with most luxuries for the lowest price!

With 1 press on the button, the perfect hotel for you will be shown.

Everyone has their own dream hotel

There is no one-size-fits-all situation when it comes to your feeling of comfort. Nobody grows up the same, nobodies household situation is the same, nobodies expectations are the same.

What might be really important for you, as a single, could be totally irrelevant to the couple married 10 years with 3 kids. Fortunately, there is always something that will fit your specific needs!

But no matter what, everyone can agree a cheap hotel with the highest standards is everybody’s favorite.

Why would you choose thebesthotels.net?

Here you will guaranteed find a cheap hotel that will fit your every need. We compare thousands and thousands of the best hotel rooms, carefully rated and categorized to make sure you find the best hotel for you.

Not only that, we are constantly adding more options and finding new partnerships to be able to offer you more each time you visit!

We pride ourselves with one of the widest ranges in options and always want to make sure you find the best hotel for you! Your satisfaction is paramount to us!

Frequently asked questions

How do I find the cheapest hotel?

When searching for your hotel, we offer you the option to sort and filter on your preferences. You can simply order by price and make sure to pick the cheapest hotel!

How do I find the best hotel?

Each and every hotel has a rating that shows you what we and other visitors think of that hotel so you can filter out the best hotel. We automatically remove any hotels that do not meet our rigorous standards. This way you can find a cheap hotel that fits you best.

Where can I find a cheap hotel?

Here at thebesthotels.net we search through all hotels worldwide to ensure you find the best hotel for you at the best price!

How does thebesthotels.net find these cheap hotels?

We work together will all the large hotel providers in the world and compare each different price. This ensures you get to choose from which provider you want to go with by comparing the price to make sure you get the cheapest hotel from your preferred provider.

How can I pay for my hotel?

Depending on the hotel there are number of payment options that are possible:

  • Creditcard/Debitcard
  • Paypal
  • Payment at the hotel
  • WeChat Pay
  • Alipay

What are the cancellation policies?

Each one of our partners has different policies on cancellation and this also differs per hotel. On each hotel it is clearly stated what the policies are and in the confirmation mail this is confirmed.

How fast can I book a cheap hotel?

After you have found the best hotel for you, you can follow order flow. You will immediately receive a confirmation as soon as the hotel has confirmed they received the reservation.

What to check when searching for a cheap hotel?

Finding a cheap hotel is now easier than ever but there is always a few things to consider. Here we list some things that are good to keep in mind when searching for the best hotel:

What is the price of the room?

Naturally, and probably the most obvious is the pricing of the hotel room. Finding a cheap hotel fortunately is easier than ever, as you can simply sort on price.

Where in the city is the hotel located?

Finding a cheap hotel in a good location can be a challenge. You may want to check what activities you plan to do and see if you can find something nearby to spend less time travelling back and forth.

What facilities are there?

Obviously you want to feel comfortable when you are relaxing in your "temporary" home. Check what each hotel has to offer. Is the a pool? Is there a gym? When are they open? Good to check this beforehand so you can plan your activities accordingly.

What options do you really need?

Even if you find a cheap hotel on a good location, it's good to think about what you really need. Are you alone? Do you really need a kingsize bed? Or should you get a twin bed and add the lunch option? Even within a good hotel there are many different options.

What transport is available?

Consider where you might need to go and how to get there. Is there nearby public transportation? Is there free parking in case you have your own car? Is there an airport shuttle in case you have a flight to catch?

Listen to what others have to say

Do not just look at the stars of reviews. Look at the contents. People may give tips of what can be done nearby, or how well the staff helped them out. Use the experience of others to get the most out of your stay!

Common definitions

We may often use terms that may not seem clear or correct. Here we will try to explain what we mean:


What we mean is not just a hotel, but rather more specifically hotel rooms. Each hotel has a large range of rooms with different options.


This refers to the price the hotel charges for a certain room for a certain date or period. The price is not a fixed price and can change. We take this change into account when you compare prices. Of course we always show you the lowest possible rates that are available out there.


It can be that a certain cheap hotel room is already reserved either by other guests, or the hotel might make it unavailable for certain reasons such as renovations. When comparing, we already take there dates into account and only show you rooms that are available on the dates you selected.